Tuesday, August 15, 2006

There's Steelers fans, then there is(was) this guy

And yes that is a Steeler's game on the TV. This will be Juddy one day with his plasma. Only question is will it be the Dolphins or the Steelers?


ChumpAssFool said...


Some people take being a fan way too far. Like this guy. That's just too much. I do like the effort though. I imagine his family set this up just like his living room, complete with recliner and television. I really like the subtle nuances of this die-o-rama (if you will). For instance, there appears to be a 22oz beer can of malt liquor beside him on the stand next to what may be an ashtray. Also, the tv remote in his hand is a classy touch. It's kinda a shame that the large picture of him and his wife (I'm assuming) seems to be grossly overshadowed by his love for the Steelers. I guess that's sorta a cliche for his entire marriage.

ChumpAssFool said...

I just thought of this... wouldn't it be funny if someone brought a universal remote to the funeral and started changing the channel? That's be frickin' classic!

ChumpAssFool said...

or better yet... change the channel to a Brown's game!

C said...

This is a ripoff idea. Some fat white dude did this last year. Well, his family did it for him I guess. Either way, I call shenanigans.

BTW, when I die (if ever) I want strippers and a keg of miller high life light. Also a TV playing repeats of Ed vs. Spencer from BBC America. And Jimmy Kimmel doing a Ziggy Zaggy. And also I don't want to be dead when it happens.