Tuesday, August 15, 2006

update for Big Z

well, i'm back in the states, just to let everyone know. it is nice to be home. still jet-lagged as fukk, but getting through it. my tentative plans are as follows:

monday through wednesday : bellaire catching up
thursday through saturday : columbus catching up (poker, drinking, titty bar, you know, whatever we can fit in and afford)
sunday (early-ish) : head back to bellaire to catch the race and a few beers at F-bar or wherever
monday on: BRISTOL, BABY!!!

i'll prolly head back to bellaire for a few days once we get back. i'll solidify labor day and post-labor day plans at bristol i'm guessing. emma is coming to ohio to visit just after labor day it seems. we'll prolly spend a few days in the valley, then head to columbus. then we can all get together, hang out, whatever. i figured since i haven't had a girlfriend in a while, i can show mine off before i piss her off enough to break up with me with my stupid antics. woohoo. ok that's it. later.

1 comment:

Mike T said...

Sounds like a plan to me. I wouldn't worry about Emma breaking up with you because of your antics. Erin has put up with mine for 7 years and we are still together. And you know how I am. See you in Cbus later this week.