Wednesday, August 09, 2006


My long long rant about the old tower generated a post from an anonymous reader... It's either Ed or Rob and my money's on Ed. At any rate he brought up some GREAT memories I'd forgotten about. I have to comment on #3 though. One of our favorite pastimes was trying to figure out who we tried to talk to the night before at The Greenery. It turned out that the phone numbers were assigned based on what green you lived on. Then you could telnet into OU's system and use what amounted to a WHOIS lookup. Several times we would only be able to come up with a first name and two digits of a phone number and end up finding out exactly who the person was, what room they lived in, the full phone number, their permanent address, their parents' names, permanent phone number, etc.

Also, I'm going to install Virtual PC on my machine so I can install Win98 again and see if the Guinness screen saver will work (it's not a fan of XP). Stay tuned.

Anonymous... come forth and share your identity with us!


Anonymous said...

I write on these walls,
with a leaky pen.
The shithouse poet
strikes again.

This is Ed. I have enough usernames/passwords and don't need another one, so I just post anonymously on here. Are non-natives of Btown allowed to post on this blog?

C said...

Absofukkinglutely you can post. Besides I think we'd all agree that you are a native Btowner, esp. after staying the night at my house after Wasko's May Daze party.

Now I must go and poop in the shower and then pass out in the shower.

Deaf Kid