Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BTB flashback (not in TechniColor)

i was cleaning the basement the other day and stumbled across some pix of the BTBz. so here they are:

Z driving like a maniac, ChumpAss lumberjacking, CoreyB holding the bear up. i thought there was a picture out there of someone doing indecent things to that wooden bear?

loving BigBoy before we became BigBoyz (redness, Z, and CoreyB)

Redness and CoreyB in ChumpAss's driveway (and yes, that is a PEPSI in his hand)

ChumpAss emerges from the Aladdin's Castle wall hole

i think this was my first ATM transaction. look how far i've come. how 'bout that robe? (i just bought a new one the other day)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love those pic's. I can't believe we were "skinny" back then! I especially love the pic of Z at the MAC!