Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Yet another reason to get a 360


Anonymous said...

ha i was waiting for him to switch to an XXX movie by accident or the XBOX to lockup or something.

that is pretty sweet, i need to quit my job and settle down so i can buy one of these.

C said...

Also the Harmony remote for the 360 is worth the $100 price tag, especially if the TV you bought didn't come with a remote (bargin buster at in my case). So easy to program a caveman could do it. Answer simple questions and it will program itself with the tasks you need your home theatre system to do. Sets your inputs on components, powers on the hardware you need and cuts it off the hardware you don't. Say I'm done schooling someone on Gears of War and want to watch TV. I press the button for "Watch TV" and it cuts off the 360 and changes the input on my TV to the cable input. When I'm done at night I hit the power button and everything shuts down. All it needs is a button labeled "BJ" if'n ya know what I mean. YEAH.