Monday, February 26, 2007

NASCAR Drinking Series v5.1

Two races down, and with it, two rounds of NASCAR Drinking Series! For those of you who don't know about NDS (and I don't know why you'd be here), it's a drinking game to play while watching any NASCAR race. There's no real competition (thus no real winners) but just a way for everyone to drink and have fun keeping up with all the rules. NDS was born August 24, 2002 by Chump and Big C of the BTB'z during the August Bristol night race as a way to finish off a quarter keg of Bud Light. The rules were hastily scribbled on paper as a fun way to watch a race. By March the following year, the rules were officially recorded and NDS became a race staple for BTB get-togethers. Four years later, the racing and rules have evolved. I have provided a link to the most current rules, just updated today. They are located above the "links" section to the right and are avaiable as a download in .doc format.

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themom said...

omg - the rules are so typical for the BTBz. Hilarious - poor T, even has his own rule!! Printed them for future reference.