Tuesday, February 13, 2007

This is why I am spreading the info

Never before has a White (i mean, Blood Red) House used it's power and control of information to deceive the American people, and the rest of Earth, in fact. Too bad more Americans don't see the gross abuse of power the Bushites used to bring OUR nation to war. The rest of the world now sees through all the B.S. the admin spouts off. There are some areas of the country (i.e. backwoods hicks and Southern Baptists) who still think Bush is saving us from those 'EYE-RAk-EEZ'. This article sums up the past transgressions and the (i hope hot) future sins of the Bushies. Get them out before they STRIKE again. If ever a time is needed for flushing out the toilets of the shit we have in control of the Executive Branch, it is now. (literally) Life depends on it.
Again, i say read this article to see what goes on in DC why we work longer hours for less pay and less health coverage in an environment that degrades every year paying for gas that rises exponentially.

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