Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Wonder why they hate us???

maybe it is the 1/2 Billion (that is a 'B') dollar U.S. embassy in the middle of the Green Zone in Baghdad that is being constructed. This embassy will be the LARGEST EMBASSY IN THE WORLD. Not only is this palace-bigger-than-a-Saddam-Palace is being built while the 'protected' Green Zone is being attacked on a daily basis, it IS ON SCHEDULE!!!! Four years and a large portion of Iraq still has no constant electricity or sewage or running water (when they had it during the Saddam era), and miles long wait at the gas pump, but a monstrous symbol of the true controllers of Iraq (not the Iraqi Nation Congress) is almost complete on time. The building will open in September (and will be mortar attacked immediately after). Oh, by the way, operating cost of this building will cost about 1.2 Billion (a 'B') dollars a year to maintain.

This building is the ideological brainchild of George W., who wants to create an image of American power of the middle east for generations to come. Who knows, this may become one of the 'wonders of the world' for a future generation. A symbol of American Might, under the control of Lord Bush, who, like the Tigris and Euphrates, planted the seed of the New Middle Eastern Century where Democracy sprouted and grew, soon overpowering its neighbors by its sheer will to give every middle easterner freedom from tyranny. BULLSHIT. They want democracy in every country in the middle east so U.S. corporations can move in and put a Starbucks in Tehran. Also, swindling them of oil would be cheaper and easier.

Those who think that America will get out of Iraq are sadly mistaken. Those who think that the Demo-craps will get us out of America are sadly mistaken. They are too big a pussy to stop this catastrophe. They buckled and voted for the Iraq Spending Bill last week just because they didn't want to go on the Memorial vacation without passing the bill because the President and Republican elite and Conservative media (and yes, that is the real media - there is no Left-Wing Elitist media of any substantial power) would blast the Demo-craps day and night about how they 'HURT THE TROOPS' by not passing the bill which, according to experts, the money won't be needed until August.

Who can blame Bush for being so arrogant: He always gets his way. Ever watch a Bush press conference? After 60 minutes of bumbling through it with half sentences and stutters and the same-old-quotes, he walks off with a smirk on his face. You know he walks away thinking, "I nailed it!!" The Demo-craps are the 'Enabler' of the 'Decider'.

Hey, the Repli-can't-do-shit-right are good at what they do. They break out the PATRIOT machine every time their power might lessen. All the fat, drug-addicted, hypocritical, racist, sexist, religiously deluded talking heads who only say whatever is on the weekly Republican 'talking points' are able to scream their head off on radio and TV, with the 'spin' that a supposed 'no-spin-zone' can do.

But all this is distraction. Distraction from the root cause of this conflict in Iraq. It wasn't 9-11, it wasn't Islamic Fundamentalism, it wasn't weapons of mass destruction, it wasn't the 'rape rooms', it wasn't 'he tried to kill my daddy', it wasn't 'we fight them there so we don't fight them here', it wasn't 'they hate our freedom', it wasn't 'Saddam murdered his people', it wasn't ...(even I forget all the bullshit excuses they came up with) IT WAS FOR THE OIL anyone who believes otherwise has either had their head up his or her respective ass for the past 5 years or you fell for the FEAR and PARANOIA that the Conservatives have been using to control people for centuries (one example of both: organized religion).

And why are there not a lot of reports on the OIL in IRAQ? Only an occasional mention in the business pages. The truth that Billions (with a 'B') in dollars in oil have been unaccounted for since the U.S. occupation began. The almost-immediate installment of Halliburton in Iraq right after Iraq fell. The securing of the Iraq Oil Ministry while the Iraq Treasury and Iraq's Ancient History Museum were allowed to be looted.

Oh, and by the way, remember when they said the OIL would pay for the cost of the war? well, it isn't. Estimates put the TOTAL COST OF THE WAR around 1.5 to 2.0 Trillion (with a 'T'), depending on the length. IF securing the oil was gonna keep it cheep for us Americans, then why has the cost of gas increased in the U.S. $1.50 a gallon since the war began? Isn't it funny that the U.S. now has direct access to oil in the Middle East without having to deal with OPEC and their charges, yet gas prices has increased so much in the past 4 years.

My belief: the U.S. oil corporations, with the full backing of the current U.S. Government, are intentionally not upgrading the oil facilities in Iraq. They are playing a game of poker right now. Not to show the cards that they have (meaning the third largest supply of oil in the world, and, with some more exploration, the LARGEST SUPPLIER IN THE WORLD - Iraq). Using every excuse in the book like it is winter, it is summer, it is a holiday, a tanker truck got a flat tire, a fire at a refinery, el nino, leap year, etc, they can raise the gas prices and make the profits without pumping the oil out. Sure, some oil is getting out of Iraq; but, the possibility of the output through only American companies would provide the U.S. consumer a cheaper fill-up. Once insurgents started attacking the pipelines in Iraq, those Corporations gave up on increased production. Focus now on the future.

The instability of the region now has raised oil prices and in turn, Big Oil has raised gas prices. But they are still holding the cards. As we continue to occupy the region, other countries in the Middle East will exhaust their supply, and Big Oil will continue to raise gas prices as Oil prices per barrel rises. Then when the world starts to run out of oil to pump, Iraq and Big Oil will actually start pumping out its reserves in Iraq. We will have control of which country will get the oil. Thus we are the 'decider' of which country gets to be civilized. Big Oil will make money then when they are the lone major supplier of the crude. It is projected that American Corporations could produce a barrel of oil in Iraq for as little as 1 dollar (THAT IS A 'D') a BARREL. Of course, prices would still have to rise at American's pumps since we have to 'share' the oil (by 'share' I mean sell to the highest bidder) and the supply is limited. Hence, like always, Big Oil comes out on top. BIG PROFITS NOW + BIG PROFITS IN FUTURE = REALLY BIG F'N PROFITS

Oil - read this if you want to see Big Oil money controlling this Administration in Action. If you don't read this, then you are not being patriotic and you are letting them win and take over the country (i am not referring to al Queda)
Embassy - this site shows the layout of the Embassy

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slyght said...

holy frickin' hell, that was a great rant. politics is a shite rat race. i'm a bit dis-enabvled right now, but i'll read that again and check the links in a day or two. keep on keepin' on.