Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Bellaire Couple Injured in Pool Collapse

This just in to the BTBz Newsroom... Erin Tobin's (a.k.a. preggers) parents were swimming in their pool earlier Monday afternoon when it collapsed. Unofficial reports indicate that Lori's boob popped out and James lost his swim trunks. When reached for comment, James indicated 'she had to grab my pecker to save herself.' (btw, I'm not making that quote up.) Anyway, here's News9's video coverage and here's WTRF's story.


slyght said...

HAHHHAHAHHAAAAAAAAHAHAAAAA!!! that's just too much. the quotes are great. you should work for 'the onion'.

slyght said...

whoa!!! wait, you DIDN'T make that quote up??? you need to find a place to submit that then. if that's a true quote. holy hell. if we have pix, or something of the sort, i can submit it to DrunkenStepfather or AttuWorld.

themom said...

That is hilarious - I cna see Lori and Jim floating away now!! And I had to hear about it from C-bus!?!? Go figure.