Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Time to Get Out

Why are we there? The Iraqis don't want us there. Soldiers are being blown up on a daily basis. Our troops, under orders and severe stress, are committing heinous acts. Every day the death toll rises.

How do we get out? The Bush & Chaney Administration are not gonna allow that to happen (admit failure?). The Republicans in Congress, despite some realizing the truth, are still blocking any real chance to START the end.

The Iraqis live in fear, not in prosperity, like a lot had before the invasion. There were schools, colleges, hospitals, electricity, oil. Women were able to go to school (doesn't seem like some Muslim state, huh). What do the people of Iraq NOT have now? Schools, colleges (they are there, but the faculty and students are DISAPPEARING), hospitals (they are there, but the doctors are disappearing), electricity (they have no OIL to fuel the power plants), oil (they have no ELECTRICITY to run the oil plants). Yes, the surge has fixed all those problems.

Will there be change? After the election, maybe. Bush will pawn it off on a DEMOCRATIC President (or, I hope, Republican Ron Paul). Of course, Conservatives will use the eventual disintegration of Iraq as talking points and spin to better a political cause, not caring what really happens to our soldiers and other human beings. Hopefully, the truth comes out that shows this Administration dwarfing the Nixon Admin when it comes to deceitfulness and crony ism.

Will we as a people stand up and cast these heathens back to their Bible's Hell? No.
Just keep cramming unhealthy, hormone rich, antibiotic saturated, over sugared, super caffeinated, vitamin free, shit down our mouths as we watch mindless, exploitive, lowest common denominator television on our over sized couch and say to ourselves, "what can I do?".

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