Wednesday, November 07, 2007

guitar hero sucks...

6 Guys Beat Hardest Guitar Hero Level Ever - Watch more free videos

... but this is still kinda cool. i think everyone knows that i'm probably the only person who has heard of guitar hero who doesn't like it. still, this is pretty impressive. i'm not so impressed by the fact that in this video, they complete one of the hardest songs in the game, i'm impressed that SIX people can coordinate that well on one little plastic guitar. still, i think they wasted too much time practicing this when they should've been out trying to hook up or something. you can be excited about accomplishing something like this, but you can't shit-talk about this. that's my take. either way, this one is for juddy and T.

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ChumpAssFool said...

You have to admit that is a pretty awesome feat, even if it took 6 total tools to do it. Yeah, the asshole who's talking shit on "you you-tube haters" needs to join the rest of us back here in reality. Who in their right fukkin' mind would ever devote 8 hours a day sitting that damn close to five other douchebags? Special kudos to the guy that had to strum - poor shithead didn't even get a little break.