Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My picks for this year's UFL awards show...

because I can't handle anymore creation vs. evolution debating. Calgon take me away!

(1)The Best History In The Making award goes to Big C. In the 5 years that we have been competing in the UFL Big C becomes the first to win back to back championships. Big C did you have JJ on your team last year? We know about Big C's 24-12 record this year, but lets take a look at his numbers for the Chase. He put together a 7-3 record in the chase and also scored 4,111 pts in the chase. Also never lost to Juddy or Z in the chase.

(2)The Worst History In The Making award goes to Big Z. I don't recall a time when the last place driver failed to post at least 10 wins. Big Z's 9-27 record may be the first. If anyone can remember another such event please let us know. His chase record was 2-8. Both wins coming against Chump.

(3)The Lee Corso "Not so fast my friend" award goes to Juddy. Let's take a look at an excerpt from a J Ho post on Friday, October 5, 2007:

"In my final analysis, J Ho pulls out the narrow victory. I say this due to the difficutly of the remaining opponents and the fact that J Ho only faces the other two leaders one time a piece."

Prediction of final records:
J HO 23-13
C 22-14
Red 21-15

What J Ho failed to realize was his 5-5 chase record with 2 wins coming against Red and Z. Thus, he eliminated Red, but was eliminated himself by Big C.

(4)The I pwned you award goes to Big C and Juddy for their group effort in pwning Big Z in every matchup this year. Big Z got beat so much by C and Juddy that it even caused his K/D ratio on Halo 3 to drop.


slyght said...

talk about a DOUBLE slap in the face. you have to burn me on my UFL, which admittedly did suck, and then you have to bring up my halo3 pwnage? jeez. i'm a decoy, i'm trying to get their attention, you just aren't firing fast enough.

hah, but still, that was a good line, damn you T.

B Town Big C said...

Lee Corso did call it in fact. Recall the comment made to the prediction T cited:

Corso: That 10 game winning streak deserves a big YO! But Sweetheart, C has a 4-2 record going head-to-head with JHo and a 3-3 record against Red. JHo has a 4-2 record against Red. C knocks JHo out of contention, and JHo knocks Red out of contention.