Thursday, May 08, 2008

The funniest thing about my job is...

The names of some of our customers. We have one lady whose name is Gae Cox. Another lady's name is Debbie D. Light. Well today I get a phone call from Beaver Seed and Supply and of course the guy's name is Harry Beaver. Good stuff. Reminds me of Harry Bonar, our weekend mailman back home on the hill.

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B Town Chump said...

Yeah, I too get a lot of funny names at work. But its easier for me to find 'em because everyone has a membership, and I see a lot of names every day.

My favorite is Mary Proud because when her account comes up, it says "Proud, Mary". Of course I put a note on the account that says "keep on rollin'".

One of the more interesting names is a man I signed up a few months ago. His name was Mark David Chapman, which is the EXACT name as the guy who shot and killed John Lennon in '81.

Theres some more funny names, but one more that sticks out is Mike Rotch.