Thursday, June 15, 2006

B-Town Statz

As you know, the B-Town Boyz blogsite has a counter. I noticed last night that the hits were over 2700. That's kinda impressive considering there's only about 10 people that actually know (or care) that this blog exist. So I checked out some of the stats for our page. Briefly, this is what I found:

About 1/2 of our hits come from the Columbus area. Another 1/4 come from inside the state of Ohio (mostly Bellaire). The next most hits come from Virginia, which I assume is how C connects to the blog. Then we get hits from India, Texas, and Florida, which make sence because some of us have friends / relatives there. Next, we get the random hits from obsure locations like Ontario, Milwaukeee, Phoenix, New Haven, and San Jose. Go figure.

70% of hits use MS Internet Explorer while the rest use Firefox.

100% of viewers use some Windows operating system with XP being the overwhelming majority at 93%. Still 1% uses ME.

60% of hits have a screen resolution of 1024x768, while 38% use 1280x1024, and 2% still use 800x600.

This is interesting, but somehow, not suprising. Most of the random hits that this site gets are searching for one thing. At least %90 (I'm guessing here) of people that stumble across this site are
looking for this.

And finally, the most disturbing stat. One of the sites that someone has visited directly before ours is
this one. Someone must have been looking for "boyz".

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