Thursday, June 29, 2006

What will they think of next?

Bill France is gonna tweak the 'Race for the Chase' for the 2007 season. He did not disclose any details. Anyone got any ideas of what the changes will be? I say there will be a nationwide vote and the driver in the 'Race...' with the least votes will be elimated each week.

What will probably happen is they will treat that PUNK Jr. like the NCAA treats Notre Dame Football. All Jr. has to do is be within 600 pts. of the leader before the "Race.." and they will put him in the "Race..."

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Mike T said...

Are they going to start calling it the "Race for the Chase to be the next American Idol"? I bet they're going to mess around with the points system that way there's more of chance to have more than 10 drivers. I do have one idea. Kyle Petty picks 10 lucky VJG campers who will compete to become the next Steve Park.