Thursday, June 01, 2006

there's help for you...

are you gay? do you not like being gay? are you beat up repeatedly after going to your gay bars and preying on young unsuspecting lads? our resident gayologist, captain oveur from 'airplane' fame, would like to know: You ever seen a grown man naked? ...have you ever been to a Turkish prison? are you, in the immortal words of lucas black in 'slingblade', "funny, you know. Not funny ha-ha, funny queer"?

if so, there's help for you. god still loves you. not the CATHOLIC god or the PROTESTANT god, or allah... no, but the god at loves you. well, maybe loves you but not your lifestyle because you are an abomination to his word, but he wants to help you with that. so take this pseudo-liberal god's hand and let him pull you out of that back-alley manmeat orgy you are currently up to your prostate in. **limited time offer**.

the above is something called satire, maybe you've heard of it. is a funny site for small-minded people. ah, hell, i shouldn't be apologizing, i'm just trying to help BTVJGJHo get his controversy.

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