Saturday, June 24, 2006


Is this real?

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ChumpAssFool said...

I searched every single page on that site to find out if it's real or not. My conclusion, somebody has gone to extrodinary lengths to make "Genpets" seem as real as possible, but alas, I don't believe they actually exist. (Point 1: The place where the feeding tube enters the body doesn't look real. Point 2: I read the Reseller Manual, and it seems that the life support tubes are connected by your basic, audio/video component cable Y-connectors, which conduct electrons, not liquid. Point 3: Nowhere does it show an actual Genpet alive and functioning).

However, the strangest thing... I wasn't sure if I was repulsed, or if I wanted one of my own. Kudos to the creative genius who came up with the idea and took the time to develope such a detailed farse.