Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Btown in da News

Ok, so it doesn't explicitly say Bellaire, but it mentions Btown's Nate Davis. When he was little (I must have been around the ripe old age of 11), I accidently knocked him square in the head with a baseball bat. It was the Bellaire Expos vs. Powhatan little league game. I thought I might have killed him. My bad, Nate. Hope we're still tight.

From ESPN.com...

Last Interception Pool
These are the things that happen to you when you're the quarterback at luckless Buffalo: Just when it looks like you've won The Dash's prestigious LIP, along comes a new competitor who sneaks into the competition through the back door.

Duke's Thaddeus Lewis (30) and Texas A&M's Stephen McGee (31) took themselves out of the LIP running by throwing their first picks of the year, leaving Buffalo's Drew Willy (32) as the apparent champion while enjoying a bye week. But up pops Ball State freshman Nate Davis (33), whose 38 passes against Northern Illinois in his first full-time duty of the season gave him enough attempts to be eligible for the NCAA pass efficiency rankings. Davis has not been picked off in 77 collegiate throws. Willy has thrown 41 more times without an oskie, but he doesn't have the title yet.

Now comes the potential for an epic conclusion -- LIP Bowl I, if you will. In a bit of reality drama that "American Idol" wishes it could summon, Willy and Davis will play head-to-head Saturday -- Ball State at Buffalo, 1 p.m. ET kickoff. The Dash will be (the only human) breathlessly monitoring play-by-play from UB Stadium to see whether an LIP champion is crowned.

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