Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my little political post

ok, i voted absentee several days ago since i might not be in the country on election day, TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 2006. i was almost tricked into voting for something i'm against do to political semantics.

i'm not what i call a smoker... i do it to keep emma from smoking so much. by far, not a seasoned veteran, so i'm all for banning smoking. issue 4 and issue 5 are related to smoking, and if you want to basically BAN smoking aside from in your house, you want to vote NO!! on issue 4 and YES!! on issue 5.

the way issue 4 is written, as you can see word for word on the link above is "do you want do ban smoking... (you think, yes, i'll vote yes), then as you go on, "EXCEPT in..." and it lists just about everywhere. it is a wordplay hoping that ohioans are idiots who don't read past the first line of the LAW you'd be enacting. so please, read carefully and VOTE on november 7th. thanks.


Mike T said...

Oh no! I thought we got rid of politics on this site. After J Ho's numerous anti-Bush posts we're still trying to get rid of the flag the government placed on this site. Talk about something different. How about your dancin feet from last weekend. Deny it as much as you want.

slyght said...

i DIDN'T dance. really, i don't have feet. you didn't know?