Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Eat, Drink, & be Merry 2

Just a quick reminder from the old nag of a wife.... J & I are having our open house on Saturday for anyone in Columbus! Come any time after 2, and eat drink and be merry one more time! (posted by the wife, due to my husbands lack of communication skills)


slyght said...

i'll be up this weekend, from friday through monday or so. then off to algeria i think. i'm crashing at juddy and steadman's. if they are going, i'm there, if not, i might have to figure out the COTA system.

Mike T said...

Hey Z I'm pretty sure they're going to go, but if you need a lift let me know and me and Erin can swing by to get you. Later.

REDNESS said...

If you need a ride, let us know! I know a few people more than willing to help you out! You are also more than welcome to crash here if you want!