Friday, August 03, 2007

First Google then the world

Did anyone notice this. It also means that those who type it in and press the "I'm feeling lucky" button will go straight to the blog. I thought it was kinda cool to have first place. I tried using different variations to come up with these stats, such as Btown Boyz, btownboyz, B-Town Boyz, etc. Here are some others.

Google #1(every variation came up first)
Yahoo #2(used Btown Boyz)
Ask #2 and lycos #3(had to use btownboyz to work)
msn doesn't like us at all, but how do you expain this.(Btown Boyz and B-Town Boyz came up with the former link. Btownboyz came up with a link for viral video which had our blog listed for something with Guitar Hero 2. I'm guessing J Ho's post with me and him caused this)

And yes it was a slow day at work today.

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