Wednesday, August 15, 2007

It's a post from C!

As always, a random collection of thoughts. And by random, I mean mostly about Michael Vick, although I'm not sure why.

1. Michael Vick stole my dog last night and shocked it to death... just when I was about to forgive him for stealing my bike.

2. There was a kid on GRAW2 last night who couldn't have been older than 8 years old. He had something like 22 kills and 5 deaths. It reminded me of why I hate Halo so much. He also called out all the foreign language speaking people. It reminded me of why I hate foreign people so much.

3. Speaking of Halo, I saw one of the weapons is going to be a flamethrower. I am hoping once you set someone on fire, they scream in agony at a ridiculous volume... so loudly you have to pull out a pistol and shoot them quickly so you don't give away your position. Also I heard they had Michael Vick do the motion capture for Master Chief using the pistol to put down his dogs, er, kill enemies. Hey-oh! Somebody stop me!

4. I watched four of the Little League Regional finals over the weekend. Little League loses a lot of the appeal when there isn't a freakish 6 foot tall 200 pounder claiming to be 12 years old throwing 70 mph fastballs at a kid who only weighs 93 pounds. Little League reminds me of EA Sports games set on retard easy level. One team had six or seven homeruns in six innings Saturday. That was as bad as me beating Youngstown State 176-2 with OSU last night.

5. I heard someone say they wouldn't pass judgement on Vick until the trial, that they learned their lesson from the Duke case. I know I'm taking it slightly out of context, but there is one big difference between the cases. The dogs didn't make up a story about being forced to fight on Vick's property or tales of their friends being mutilated if they weren't good fighters. I've seen pictures of dogs playing poker, but I don't think they can talk or write. Maybe I shouldn't pass judgment though.

6. Save some of your liver for Myrtle next weekend.

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