Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Week That Was...

And Still Going On. Well, let's see. Another hypocritical Republican Congressman has been found out to be Gay. Another one of Bush's Senior Administration Officials (code named: C.R.O.N.I.E.S.) is leaving the sinking ship. Yeah, that will change American's minds of Bush, fire ANOTHER one of his inept 'yes' men. The GAO (that's General Accounting Office - for those who spend more time on instead of news sites) says that Iraq has met 3 of 18 benchmarks. Great job Bush for fixing that country! Only been five years, but his Halliburtons and such haven't even given clean drinking water to the Iraqis yet (read about the cholera breakout in Northern Iraq). Yet the Iraqis are responsible for the problems of the country. Now Bush says that the benchmarks that he imposed (which was recommended by the 'Iraq Study Group') were too high a mark to make. He is doing to the Iraqis which he has already done to the U.S.: Make them dumb. Then they don't see the oil slipping out of the country by the truckloads in the dead of night.

The Political Cartoons have been dead-on this week: here are some

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