Monday, September 03, 2007

Whoa, Nelly!

What a weekend in college football. I have been waiting since the beginning of January for the games to start back up.

The Ohio State University covers the spread (31) in the defeat of Youngstown State. I couldn't watch the damn game because Time Warner Cable doesn't carry the Big Ten Network. The Big Ten Network (BTN) wants Time Warner (TW) to pay them $1.10 per customer. TW wants to put the BTN on the Digital Sports Package, so those who want it will have to pay for it. BTN wants it on the standard lineup (where everyone who has TW will be paying for it). It is just a way of strong-arming TW into giving the BTN as much money as they can. If you live outside the Big Ten region, The BTN only charges $0.10 per customer. Talk about a scam. But no worries, I have tickets for the OSU / Akron game next Saturday so I will definitely be going to see that game.

Don't give a damn 'bout the whole state of Michigan
Speaking of BTN games I wish I could've seen, Michigan was upset (there needs to be a stronger word than 'upset' when it comes to this loss) by Appalachian State. Thanks to Mike Hart being out for a portion of the game, Michigan's D-fence still in the rebuilding stages, the highly-touted Michigan O thinking they will always win in the end (which they almost did), the D I-AA Champs Appalachian State pull off the biggest UPSET EVER IN COLLEGE FOOTBALL. Never before has an A.P. ranked (just ranked; Michigan was 5TH!) lost to a Division I AA opponent. Oh! How I am lovin' it. Henne and Hart only came back (passing up millions from the NFL) to beat Ohio State and WIN the National Championship. Well, they may be able to beat OSU, maybe; they WILL not win the National Championship. It must suck for them, after week one knowing they will not accomplish the main goal of returning to Michigan. And, by the way, how is Lloyd Carr still coaching that school? I can coach Michigan and still bring in big name recruits (it's fricken' Michigan!!). What he never seems to do is have his team ready for games. Michigan should get an NFL coordinator to take over as head coach...

What's Your Excuse Now, Notre Dame?
like Charlie Weis. All those Notre Dame HOMERS who never even been to the school, live by the school, never seen a game live, but always have the ND jersey on are probably in their parent's basement right now trying to figure out what to say as an excuse to why ND lost. I am sure they will be following this FLOWCHART. What about Charlie Weis? The Genius? The Savior? Who will raise the bar again for Notre Dame Football? What about Charlie Now? He was paid $40 million and he did do well the past couple of years (with Tyrone Willingham's players) The offensive guru used 3 different QB's (talk about desperate). I mean, Georgia Tech!!!! I am not talking about a ranked team. I mean, Georgia Tech!!!! And losing 33-3! Almost a SHUTOUT!!!! AT HOME!!!!! ON OPENING WEEKEND!!!!! Notre Dame does not deserve the exclusive contract with NBC. Last time they were good, Lou Holtz was by-passing every NCAA rule in the book and ND was lowering every academic standard.

Well, time to get going. I need to set up my Sirius Stiletto SL100, and I wanna play some Bioshock before I pick up the Ohio State Tickets for next Saturday.

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