Saturday, September 15, 2007


I was going to call this one. When THE PUNK said he'd like to keep the number 8 somewhere in his NASCAR number, my first thought was, he's gonna buy the 88. Sure enough, this morning on the ESPN bottom line, I see Robert Yates Racing sells the 88 to Hendrick Motorsports. I hope Casey Mears steals it and keeps it for his very own. A small part of me died because I know I'll never hear JHo yell "88!" again.


slyght said...

oh, he will, he'll still yell "88", but it'll be followed by, "he's a PUNK!"

ChumpAssFool said...

Chump: "EIGHTY EIGHT!!!"

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Now you guys have the right to yell '88'. z's is right - he still is a punk.

and what's with Kahne getting the Bud sponsorship. he looks like he is 18 and he is gonna be the face of Bud.

Mike T said...

The great Jack Parkman once said "new haircut, same dead arm" while referring to Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn. So it's my duty to say "new team, sponsor, and car number, same punk driver" while referring to Jr.

In other news, underage female Budweiser consumption has skyrocketed with the announcement of Kasey Kahne's new sponsorship for '08.