Monday, September 10, 2007

Chump... Located (Corrected)

looking for chump 01

Horray! The Actual Chump with Russ has been located in the crowd! The above pic has Chump and Russ somewhere in it. See if you can find them.

After the original post, Z brought to my attention that I found the wrong "me". I thought I was wearing a black shirt with my red Budweiser hat and I foolishly found the wrong person. I am embarrassed, but nonetheless I'm still in the picture. However, in my defense, the person I originally thought was me is wearing almost the same exact attire, sans Russ.

If you need help, you can click here.


slyght said...

granted, i wasn't in your seats, and you were there but are you sure you circled the right place? i think russ is in the picture. i'm positive you were wearing your "8" jersey. the guy you circled looks like he's just wearing a black shirt. i think that you are JUST up one row and three people to the left (looking at the picture). your dad is to the left of you. looks like you have a headset on. yeah, i think that's you. i don't think you have a hat like the guy you circled.

but again, i could be wrong. either way, i'm glad i got both you guys. yeah camera!!!

ChumpAssFool said...

AHHHHHH, "Tu-Shet"

I do believe you are correct. I wondered why Russ wasn't next to me... I thought I was wearing a black shirt, but the dude's hat is dead on like one I have. I can't believe I could be so stupid. I'll correct it later.

themom said...

Was this like a nose-bleed section or before races started...just curious why so many empty seats. I'm proud of both of you being able to FIND yourselves in such a crowd...gave me a headache looking with these OLD eyes.