Tuesday, September 18, 2007

IQ Test

I stumbled on this IQ test and thought it was really interesting. Its an actual IQ test based on a bell curve from 60 to 140, with 100 being the median. It's all pattern association and consists of 39 questions in 40 minutes. I suggest you try this test with:
1. A full 40 minutes to devote to it with no distractions
2. Sober

The first 20 or so were fairly easy with increasing difficulty. The next 10 were challenging, and the final few were downright difficult. Let me know what you guys get. BTW, I scored 126.


themom said...

Fun and interesting - score 128. Not Mensa yet...poor me. Some guess work too.

themom said...

Took test again and I have apparently lost brain cells - now - 118. Boo-hiss! hahahaha