Thursday, September 27, 2007

Our Government Is Coming Back To Us

one step at a time. Bush and his loyalists who have done nothing but fill the pockets of their cronies for the past 6 years (eg: no-bid contracts in Iraq, contractors after Katrina). They passed laws which give them almost unlimited power (eg. the cancellation of our Bill of Rights - the Patriot Act). Finally, some Federal Judges are pulling his or her head our of his or her's ass and finally ruling that the Patriot Act is almost completely Unconstitutional. The President, whose oath is to 'support and defend the CONSTITUTION of The United States' pushed a law that goes against the basics of the piece of paper that Bush wipes his ass with. A few more challenges to that law, and it will disappear and our values will begin to be restored. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The Conservative PLAN of a perpetual Republican Majority and Presidency has been foiled by the most corrupt people of all - the Republican Majority and President.

I may not agree totally with this article (though it is intriguing). I don't think the Admin wants a fascist regime, but it looks pretty damn similar.

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themom said...

We will see how long this judge's ruling will last - I want my rights back!!!