Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Washington Wizard's head coach Eddie Jordan.

Blacula started out as a joke two years ago when me and T went to Leroy's place to watch the playoff game, and we all noticed that Eddie Jordan looked like a black Dracula, thus Blacula. So last Saturday, during game one of the Cav's / Wizards, T sent me this picture message with the title "Blacula... he wants to suck your blood." Then last night, during game 2 I forwarded the pic to Scooby (who was there for the first dubbing of Blacula). I got a reply from Scooby today who said that he was at the game last night, and loved the pic. In fact, he showed it to everyone around him, and everyone had a great laugh. So now, we're waiting for the Blacula epidemic to start.

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