Friday, April 25, 2008

Didn't Know Where To Put This...

post. I'm talkin' bout censorship. Recently I went to one of my link sites, and I got this instead of my normal Firefox page not found.

I was able to pull the site I wanted on my cell phone, but not on RoadRunner. How can that be? Then I thought, where did the RoadRunner Search Engine come from? I didn't install it as my default search engine. This site goes to this RoadRunner engine on both of my computers attached to my home network (through RoadRunner). I then noticed on this search site that on the bottom right corner is this 'opt out' link.

once I click on it it says I can ...

once I disabled these settings, I was able to access the web sites I wanted to visit (not only on the one computer I disabled, but the other computer immediately updated). I call this censorship. They are just hoping that the layman will not notice the 'opt out' link at the bottom right and BLOCK web sites. Where are we China? Are our freedoms being reduced even more? What web sites will soon be barred by Corporate America? Where are our freedoms at any more?

The site I was trying to access possesses nothing but LINKS to other web sites. But, you know, RoadRunner Cannot Bar A Pay Site From It's Customers, so they find a back door to infringe on the freedom of the Internet.

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