Thursday, July 17, 2008

Sports Video Games

This article got me thinking about some of the sports video games I've played that have the "money plays" that always work.

In NHL 97(or maybe 98, correct me if I'm wrong C), you could skate head on at the goalie, pull off a 90 degree cut to the right and score on the most amazing backhand that I or anyone else has ever seen. It was guaranteed. So much so that in one game against C, I scored 20 goals. We never finshed the game(or played it ever again) because C was quick to shutdown the computer.

Another good one was in NFL Gameday(again 97 or 98). There were 2 plays. The first was "352 Seam." Take the slot receiver on the left(I think) and move him to the slot on the right. In the original formation the receiver ran a post route from the left to the middle. After moving him he ran a post from the right to the middle. This one takes some time to develop, but after 7-10 seconds(not that hard to avoid the pressure) he was left standing wide open in the end zone with his thumb up his ass. Can you say 6! The only way to prevent it is to manually switch to a DB and cover the guy yourself. And that didn't always work either. Another play is called "Corner." Do the exact same thing as in the previous play and you'll be dancing with the cheerleaders. I remember being down at OU and we had a Gameday tournament going on. I was playing against Rob. Down 7 with about 10 seconds left in the game. Ran "352 Seam" and scored on a 50 yard bomb. Sent it into overtime and got the win. Needless to say he was pissed.

Anyone else got any video game "wtf's" they want to share?


Cali Angel said...

Well these are two of my favorite football game series ever! But I've been thinking, based on other stuff I've been reading online, I wonder, with technological breakthroughs, like the Motorokr's awesome Java capabilities, awesome video playback, and full HTML browser the quality of mobile games would be a super breakthrough, and we can start playing these kind of games on the go anywhere. What do you guys think?

michael said...

I had the same thing happen in MLB baseball for my old game boy. I remember if i smashed my thumbs on the down arrow and the "pitch" button, I would pitch a no hitter for the duration of the game, to the point where it just got boring. I would love to see some of these sports titles brought to the mobile platform. I am currently working for Motorola and have become a big fan of the Krave. ( With a full touch screen keyboard, bluetooth, and web browsing, I would be interested to see some sports games on that cell phone! Thoughts?

michael said...

I wonder if any games like this one will be released for the Motorola Krave. I would love to play baseball on the Krave. It's got a full touch screen display and digital qwerty keyboard. ( I've been a fan of this phone ever since I started working with Motorola. It's awesome!