Tuesday, July 08, 2008

those crazy kuwaitis

being that where i'm currently working is REALLY close to the middle east, we are privy to monthly security updates from the local embassy. while scanning the most recent one, i found something i thought was funny. sadly, i thought the kuwaitis were a little more progressive than this.
Kuwait Times 3 June 2008 -- A team of researchers in Kuwait concluded that the increase in homosexuals in the country is due to female teachers in primary schools. The study recommended that only males teach male students and female teachers be allowed only for female students. The study also mentioned that an increase in children being raised by maids and a decrease in parental involvement during childrearing has a contributory effect. An earlier Kuwait University study linked "uranium in the atmosphere" to homosexuality in Kuwait.
uranium?! seriously. now that's grasping at straws, or maybe it's leftovers from the iranian nuclear power plants. apparently, it doesn't take much in the way of credentials to be part of a study in kuwait. all you need is a deep-rooted, culturally-imposed prejudice and the close-mindedness to attribute that bigotry to the first (or second) absurd idea you can think of.


themom said...

That is just toooo funny! Talk about small mentalities!

Anonymous said...

That would work for me... usually the devils are the boys anyway!!!