Sunday, July 20, 2008

we haven't had enough bunnies...

so here's thumper and his forest friends in their hip-hop debut. i thought this was pretty funny. but how stoned were the guys who noticed the syncronicity.

NOTE: jules just noted to me that the "bunny" note that used to be at the top of the blog is gone. how did i miss it? now i look like a freak with a bunny fetish. thanks!


B Town T said...

The blog description was deleted with the site redesign. Fear not. Instead of bunnies we now have politics. Yay!

B Town Chump said...

The reason the description went away with the new design is because Blogger changed the way the templates were coded. The WYSIWYG editor will only let you supply an image OR text, not both, like the last version of the blog. I had to decide what to leave out, and I thought the images at top (the BTB logo/font and our faces) seemed like the logical choice.

I would apologize for leaving it off, but since it took you this long to even notice it (actually Jules had to point it out), I don't think you really miss it.