Monday, February 20, 2006

if it ain't beer, it's pizza

i was looking at bellaire again today on google earth. it's funny that in a village of 3000 or so people, the primary business is a bar or a pizza shop. if it works, it works, i mean, just about everyone likes to get drunk, especially in that town. and all the pizza tastes just about the same with varying levels of second-hand buzzes you receive walking through the door. i'm kinda partial to dicarlo's where redness nearly beat the shite out of himself trying to choke down some pizza. there was the lovely cockroach crushing outside of bandonee's. but they are now christi's i think and dicarlo's is no more from what i hear, it's mama dee's now or something, and it might've burnt down??? so much happens when i'm away for a year.

i've got me a Grudge and his name is Jeb, great for cleaning out my earmites.


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Bella's Pizza is now Bandonee's (the best pizza in town)

DiCarlos is nothing now (shut down)

original DiCarolo's i thought was by union street, but now i think is shut down

mamma dees is shut down

will let you know for sure (going to valley next weekend)

Mike T said...

If Bellaire had a couple of titty bars, I'd be all for renaming it to heaven. Big Z, if you're looking to invest into something, how about a titty bar in Bellaire. Think about it. All that beer, pizza, and titties in a town small enough to walk around in. It's got $$$$$$ written all over it.