Friday, February 17, 2006

the REAL axis of evil?

The Washington D.C. Pentagram
i have this program called Google Earth that i like to dick around with when i'm bored. i find the typical monuments (eiffel tower, taj mahal, great wall of china, etc.), i've found all the houses, dorms, and apartments i've lived in, etc. good fun.

well, i was going through the bulletin board of other google earthers and found the axis of evil. possibly, the REAL axis of evil, that is. i thought it was pretty strange that i'd never heard of this before (that red dot at the bottom is the white house). click on the picture for a more detailed picture, and a really strange and fairly short analysis of sordid design of washington D.C. (i see another dan cook conspiracy book in the works). if you have a popup blocker turned on, click here for the second link, it's pretty neat.

the missionaries of slyght-ism are both benevolent belligerent and tolerant incontinent when greeting potential converts, thus the reason they fall so quietly in line to genuflect before the all-inebriated Slyght


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Wasn't that the basis of the movie "Pi"

slyght said...

not sure. all i do know is... his computer rocked, he drilled his brain out, don't stare at the sun, and that movie rocked

themom said...

whew! amazing!