Monday, February 27, 2006

Ron Jeremy meets Walt Disney

I was at work today flipping through one of the many video trade magazines that we get, and lo and behold, I come across what might actually be the coolest porn movie of all time. It's called Pirates, and you can check it out here. Basically it's Pirates of the Carribean with hard-core sex. It won all kinds of AVN awards, and from the web site, I can see why. It's choc-full of stunning special effects, incredible costumes, and what appears to be a faily deep plot. Now, I'm no porn connoseur (unlike other B-Town contributors) but this seems like it might be a really good movie, and it will certainly revolutionize the adult film industry. I've never been too into the whole porn thing, but I'm getting really excited about this movie (pun intended.)

Z, what do you think about this? What do you think about the quality of the actors / actresses? Is this going to be hard-core, or just a late night Skinamax-sorta movie? Oh, and will you buy me a copy and send it to my apartment? (You've got all the porn-dvd-buyin'-hookups)


slyght said...

dude, i am ALL OVER this. evan stone is hilarious, janine... yummy (i just bought 'janine gets black-maled'), jesse jane ran for governor against the terminator, and teagan, woohoo. i can't wait to get back home to watch it. reviews say there isn't ebough of teagan in it, the scenes are kinda short but actually a fairly decent plot. i didn't see the original, and i may not want to after this, it just won't be able to live up to my xxxpectations.

there is a BTB copy on it's way to canal winchester. jerk, jerk, pass. (sorry mom2)

C said...

All of this sounds like a lot of work to watch f-ing.

slyght said...

SACRILEGE!!! where's the guillotine?