Friday, April 07, 2006

BTBz reunion

BTBz and BTGz get your party pants on... or whatever. i got my R&R approved by the customer. i'm leaving india on the 17th, getting into NYC to renew my visa early on the 18th, and taking a late flight to pittsburgh later that night. my tentative plan right now is to be in bellaire from 18-april (tuesday) through 22-april (saturday). while in bellaire, i'll be catching up with friends and family, hanging with TheNephew, and attending TheOlderSister's wedding, i'm guessing in moundsville.

then i'm thinking of coming up to columbus on sunday, 23-april to catch some NASCAR action with the BTBz. i'd like to hang around for a couple days if anyone has a spare couch, or i could grab a hotel somewhere central to the BTBz (and hear a titty bar), thus we could use that as party headquarters when i'm in town.

i've not had the simple things america has to offer since august so i'm gonna be super-glutton. steaks, beer, laughing, cards, whatever. i want to see the BTBz at their best. i'm sure there's a lot i missed in the past year, and i hope to catch up on as much as possible.

sadly, i wasn't able to arrange my R&R for a weekend in columbus. but if any BTBz wanna come to good ol' B-Town, i'll be at TheFBar on friday night, and MAYBE saturday night after the reception. i was gonna try to be funny, but i'm really looking forward to coming home for a while and seeing everyone.

if you want, give me suggestions of things i should do when i get in, in case i've forgotten the existence of some of the nicer things. my main things so far are:
  • steaks
  • budweiser
  • dicarlo's pizza
  • titty bars
  • maybe dave & buster's
  • euchre/poker
  • just hanging out
  • insert other things i should do in the comments
keep in mind i'll have about 5 days in bellaire, and up to 5 days in columbus. i might go back a little earlier depending on sleeping arrangements, how belligerent i get adjusting to a foreign culture, whether i need to detox before getting on the plane back on the 28th.

can't wait to see everyone. i want to cram as much fun in as possible.

what are ya waitin' for, plan me some fun!!


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Z I believe Brianna Banks will be out at Jill's on that weekend you are in bellaire. check out the web site to make sure. Our couch is always there for u if you want it. i will throw some sheets and newspaper down and tell my boss not to expect me in for work till 11 am.

slyght said...

BRIANA!!! NO ASS BUT GREAT TITS. i'll definitely have to go, now i need some company, i got to titty bars alone far too often, i might get a rep. BRIANA!!!

what is their site, i was looking for it the other day and couldn't find it.

slyght said...

i found it, duh, i must've been drunk when i was looking before

Mike T said...

Z's going to be back in Bellaire! I got no more family there otherwise I'd head back to B-town. If Juddy wants to make a trip back for the weekend I'm all for it. Hell I'll even drive our ho asses up to Jill's. Otherwise we'll all have to get together for a NASCAR race somewhere. Keep me informed of the plans.

REDNESS said...

Race is on Saturday night that weekend. So we'll have to figure something else out. Don't know if i'll be heading back home that weekend.

slyght said...

fukk fukk fukk fukk. man, no weekend with the boyz and might miss the race for a wedding reception. either way, i'm gonna take juddy up on his couch invite. i'll be getting to their place maybe... 1PM or so (depending on the rabble-rousing going on at the reception). we can all get together from there.

can't wait to see you guys. later

C said...

I will be REMOVING my party pants and running around pantsless. Now that's a party in of itself. Unfortunately (or fortunately) I will not be in Ohio. I will drink one in honor of you Coming To America.