Monday, April 10, 2006


GameSpot has (or at least my local store) buy 2 used games get one free special going on. So, I picked up Crimson Skies, Rogue Agent, and Elder Scrolls III (yes, it's a gay RPG) for a grand total of 25 bucks. I got the first two against my better judgement, seeing as no one is ever on xbox live anymore. Give me a call so I don't regret sinking more money into Live games we never play. My $50 annual Live subscription started last month and I think we've played once since then. Blah.

I do recommend Rogue Agent for a $15 game. It's a lot like Goldeneye was for the N64 but with much cooler weapons and gadgets... and it's freakin' sweet to grab a hostage and let his friends cap his ass raw, then chuck the half-corpse into the crowd. The best is when you nearly kill an enemy and one of his friends grabs him and uses him as a hostage/human shield. There is no "I" in team. Also you can use machines and traps to kill enemies. I mistakenly backed into a sauna (Chinese bathhouse stage, don't ask) and the bastards shut the door and I got steamed to death. I'd go as far to say it is better than Halo 2 on single player. It is nothing like Everything or Nothing, which has been gathering dust since the first day I played it.


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

get a 360 and play with me!

Mike T said...

J Ho sounds like he's begging C to get a 360 and the play with me comment is just wrong. Whah I got a 360 so now no one can play the same games as me whah! Although C said that Gamestop is buying back Xbox's at $100. Count me out, an Xbox 360 is the only box I'd be playing with if I don't buy a ring.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

Whah!!!! i gotta get a ring!!!! Whah!!!!!

C said...

i am fighting with myself over getting the 360. yes, gamestop will buy your shit back for 100 bucks now and also godfather the game for 20. now, godfather the game is FREAKIN SWEET. however it is a pretty easy game but with replay value (REPLAY VALUE: see ms. pac man) In theory i could pick up the 360 with a game of my choice for 280 smackers. however, in a post to be posted, i am flying to cbus in may and that will put a serious damper on my 360 fundage. butt.... seeing the turnout on live lately, i am thinking more about number one instead of playing with (or NOT playing with) the regular xbox clowns. as playing xbox games on live becomes less and less important and self enjoyment becomes more important, I just may play with juddy. at least he's playing tiger woods 06 or media player.

btw, crimson skies IS xbox 360 compatible. no more excuses. that's straight from the microsoft website. get yo flight on biatches.