Monday, March 31, 2008

Chump's bachelor party hotel

ok, after loads of searching, i've booked the hotel for Chumps' bachelor party. what the HELL is going on on C-bus this weekend? most of the hotels i tried to get into were booked solid. i reserved two rooms, two beds each, and we can get a roll-away, if necessary, for each room. i'm trying to get adjoining rooms, if possible. sorry, T, it's non-smoking. that's a total of six sleeping arrangements. don't let that deter anyone from not crashing there though. this is the last bachelor party in who-knows-how-long (wasko and i are the only ones left, right?). so, now i need a count.

who thinks they'll crash there? i'm going to try to get into the hotel around noon, if possible, get some beers on ice, set up the sodomy machine i purchased just for Chump on his special day, etc. anyone not working or getting off early, want to meet me for beers or lunch or something, come on over. we'll taxi every this night, because i'm planning on everyone getting thoroughly (yet safely) plastered. let's show Chump a good time. has anyone talked to crozier? let's give him a call, at least invite him. i don't have his number. if someone has it, send it to me, and i'll give him a call.

the hotel is at:

Best Western Columbus North
888 E Dublin-Granville Road
Columbus , Ohio 43229

get back to me if you are going to crash there, etc. if crozier comes, we might have to see about getting more comedy tickets. T did you take care of that?


B Town T said...

Funnybone tix have been purchased. I got six total tix. I'm planning on crashing at the hotel rather than on my way home from drinking too much. I can bring an air bed if need be. No clue on Crozier's info. The Funnybone show starts at 8pm. They said to be there an hour earlier, but we could probably get by with half an hour. Are we eating somewhere before the show? I didn't get the dining tix cause I figured we'd eat somewhere else before the show. I can probably get done early if needed. Let me know.

B Town T said...

I should also note that I got enough tix for those who said they are in. Chad, Z, Red, Wasko, Juddy, and me. If we need to add more let me know as soon as possible and I'll call the Funnybone to see if I can.

B Town T said...

And Z you're officially the last one. Wasko's bachelor party is this fall. Better hurry your ass up and get done with that Egypt job so you and Jules can tie the knot.

B Town Chump said...

I will definitely be staying at the hotel. Of course, being the guest of honor, that only makes sense. I have Friday off, so I'll probably meet up early for a few drinks. I'd like to invite Crozier, but I really doubt he'll make it. Even if he could, I don't think he'd hang too long. The only other person that would be interested in attending would be Jarrod, Jackie's bro, but seeing that he's only 18, there's no way he'd be able to go out with us. This isn't B-town where we can "sneak" him into the Angel.

So according to my count, that brings us to 6 total... Me, Z, T, JHo, Wasko, and Redness. I'll let you know if there's anybody else interested, but I doubt it.

BTW... Is Jules going to be in the States for the wedding? I was just wondering if you were bringing her to the wedding or not.

slyght said...

i was just thinking of inviting croz, he can decline if he wants, if he does show up, we'd have room and since we're all taxi-ing, he could leave whenever. no prob, you're call.

jules isn't going to make it. here R&R isn't due yet. she wishes she could though. she sends her wishes. i'm stag as usual.

always the best man/usher, never the groom.

B Town T said...

I'm taking half a day on Friday so I should be done around noon. Let me know what lunchtime festivities are going on and I'll be in.