Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Chump's bachelor party

since it seems a trip is out of the question, here is my thinkin'. friday, 4-april (i fly in late on the 3rd), we go to a bar or two, go to kahoot's, whatever anyone else can think of here, then we crash at a hotel nearby. i'm looking at the fairfield inn at 3031 olentangy. we'll taxi everywhere so we can all get messed up accordingly... i MIGHT look into a van of sorts, but no promises there. maybe some golfing or something saturday, see if anything exciting is going on in town. i'm also open to other suggestions, particularly from the bachelor. let's do this right (or as right as we can with financial and time constraints).

so, does friday work for everyone? would saturday be better? who will be in town AND available to take part in the festivities? if i get a hotel room, i'll try to get 2-3 adjoining depending on the number of people. i know most of you all live in columbus, but this would make the drinking/driving/debauchery easier to organize. get back to me as soon as everyone can. if you know someone might be in town who doesn't read this, get in touch with them, get the info, and get back to me.


B Town T said...

Either one works for me. I'll be in town and available. Wasko doesn't read the blog so I'll send him the info. Not quite golfing season in Cbus just yet, unless you want to go to the indoor driving range on Broad St. Here's an idea: The Blue Jackets play the St. Louis Blues on Sun. April 6th at 3:00pm. It's the last game of the season. We could preorder some tickets unless we want to stand in line for the $10 cheap seats.

B Town Chump said...

Friday is best for me. I'm taking Friday night and all-day Saturday off (to recuperate.) I'm up for anything Friday night. I don't golf, so that doesn't sound enticing for me, and I'm working on Sunday, so the Jackets game is out.

Staying all night in a hotel and taxi-ing around Fri. sounds like a good plan. And while I don't mind devoting much of the night to strippers, I'd also like to do something else too. Not sure what, but something cool that we don't ever get a chance to do. Nothing comes to mind right now, but maybe someone can come up with some suggestions.