Monday, March 24, 2008

T's Bachelor Slideshow

For the wedding, Jackie and I have decided to make a DVD slideshow to play at the receptions. (Well, actually SHE decided I would make it.) Anyway, it's going to be similar to the picture slideshow I made for Crozier's 50th. However, the one I made for Crozier was "down-n-dirty", i.e. I made it from scratch using Macromedia (now Adobe) Flash. It turned out good, but it took A LOT of work and A LOT of time to get everything right, synced up, and burnt to DVD. Fortunately for me, there are several commercial programs on the market that do the same thing, but with much less work on my part and can produce a similar (if not better) result. So, long story short, I've been previewing several trial versions of these commercial slideshow software packages so I can decide which one I'm actually going to spend money on. Tonight, I was piecing together a sample slideshow with pics from T's bachelor party in Myrtle. The above video was thrown together and tweeked in little over a half-hour so I could get a feel for the software before I purchase the full version. Note that this is my first attempt at using new software so I threw in all kinds of crazy transitions and pan / zoom effects. It turned out so well that I decided to publish to YouTube so the rest of the world could enjoy it as well.


slyght said...

there weren't too many pictures of me in there. just the way i like it... no evidence. looked pretty good man, and did i read that first line correctly? reception(S)!

B Town Chump said...

You DID read correctly. However, I typed incorrectly. While there is only ONE reception, there is the rehearsal dinner, so if you count that as a type of "reception" then there are receptionS.

themom said...

great viewing - tell me Clint wasn't naked in the kitchen shot though...tooooo visual!