Sunday, March 02, 2008

Man Down!

3 Red Lights... if you own an xbox, you probably just soiled your britches. Unfortunately, T is awaiting a box for his xbox. He got the 3 red lights Saturday morning, so don't expect to see him online for the next 1.5 months... just in time for Chump's wedding.

It really is amazing. The 360 is arguably the #1 "next gen" console out there. If Nintendo could manufacture the Wii on any kind of scale they would be number one. If there were any games available for the PS3, they would be number one. Instead m$ produced a giant piece of shit early and often and dropped the $ to get exclusives on games. Hell, the PS3 killed HD-DVD, but they can't kill a POS gaming console. I'm mad as hell and I'm going to drink some more.

Also, Seth Green is the hardest working man in show business. I left Comedy Central on. Reno 911! is on and who do I see? Seth F-ing Green. He already has multiple shows on Adult Swim and played a bit role in the game Mass Effect. Chances are he'll take over the world, but the thing is, no one will probably notice. Then suddenly you'll see him at the UN next to someone giving a speech. Next time you'll see him walking in the White House. He'll be driving a tank in Moscow the week after... never being the main focus of any story, but in every single story in a supporting role. I'm on to you Seth Green and I for one, will be watching your every move from this point on. Damn your entertaining black heart.

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slyght said...

yeah, seth green is the bomb. i can't get enough of that seth green stuff.