Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Final 5

New Rule: If you acted in a FOX sketch comedy show, and your best character was an ugly woman, then you should never be given an Oscar. Let alone allowed to teach youngsters how to sing. As you can tell by the contestants, anybody can get a record deal... even an Actor.

Three weeks left... Thank Science!

Kris: I think Jaimie wanted to "blow" him "away". Your right, Jaimie... He really does "BLOW". I closed my eyes and imagined if I would consider that a good song. He was mediocre... He'll make it to the finals. Not because of talent, but because he is last of the young, small-town, non-gay acting, non-thick-black-rimmed-prick singers left.

Allison: Did Jaimie say he was going to give Allison "The Shocker"? One more year, to almost the day, till she's legal. She just doesn't stand a chance against all the male egos. She needs to dress more goth, or turn Christian clique; or she will maintain her originalness and lose the show.

Matt: Still got the hat. Can cover up his forehead, but can't cover up his talent. He won't get the votes. Who cares how good he may have sung, it doesn't matter. Danny "big glasses and Christian-safe" Gokey and Adam "Diva-Cross-Dressing" Lambert are Personalities... that is what voters want.

Danny: Jaimie is so full of shit. They do not need 4 judges for this show. Get rid of Randy and Kara. I just want a minute to minute-and-a-half Paula ramble and something constructive by Simon. O.K. He finished that out strong. Pretty Good.

Adam: He should have came out in FULL DRAG with this song. I am sure that there are 3 performers like him singing down in The Short North District this Saturday Night... except they are in high-heals, falsies, fabulous hair, and a ton of makeup.

I am so done with the show.

Who will go: Allison

Who will Win: Adam

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