Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Super 6

The Top 6. I sure hope they end the show on time. Matt lives to see another day. Two go tomorrow. Great, to listen to the TWO worst singers tomorrow.

Disco week? You ain't Jive Talkin', they are really going to sing disco?

The Top 6

Lil: look at that ASS!!!! lettin' it all hang out! Let that badonkadonk free!! Singing at Wheeling Island Racetrack and Gaming Resort in 6 months... Lil Rounds. She is Chaka "Gone".

Kris: He should play with more people who have a darker complexion. He did pretty good. I didn't mind it. What is Paula talking about? He likes woman's clothes? Paula is freaking screwed up.

Danny: Cheesy. Cheesy. Cheesy. Twice as Nice 'n Cheesy. All the old ladies are up dancing.

Allison: All she has to do is go more Lady GaGa and teenage girls will vote her the winner. She is real good. America, don't be stupid... keep her over Danny.

Adam: I am anticipating something... Diva-Like. Let's see. He's a man who loves to dress like a woman who is pretending like she is acting like a man. Adam moved Paula to a high emotional state. Paula is so messed up. WTF is up with her?

Matt: I think of the dance scene from Airplane! when I hear this song. I was waiting for him to throw his hat and it fly back at his head. He stayed alive for one more week. America was right last week. Anoop is his only hope now.

Anoop: Anoop! Too pink of a vest, Man! Too non-threatening. Anoop! You shot yourself in the foot! You did yourself in! I was expecting some huge Bollywood dance number with background dancers!

Lil and Anoop are gone.

Adam wins the damn thing.

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