Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And now your video game update


In what may become a new marketing strategy, The game Yaris was released for free download through Microsoft Arcade. Yes, it is the same Toyota Yaris from the commercials you know and love. By know and love, I mean know and hate with all your being. It's kind of like a combat racing game. You can buy upgrades to your car, new cars, stronger shields, etc. It's not great, but it is free and there are 200 Achievement points to be whored. I've got 15 of them.

Also, if you haven't already downloaded Aegis Wing from Microsoft Arcade (Chump), do it... also free. It's a side scrolling space shooter a la Gradius for the Nintendo... but with 4 player co-op. We played when it first came out and it was hours of fun. The best is when you all four link up and yell at T to get you a powerup. Go Voltron!


There is a rumor, albeit not from a reliable source, that the latest DLC for GRAW2 is coming out next week. No word on the cost (if any). We are definitely going to need to take Chump through the co-op campaign. Also I need two more achievements to score the perfect 1000 on GRAW 2 and I'll need help. I need the Demo Expert and I've got to find 4 other people to play Team Mission with to get any progress towards it. The other is Solo Veteran and I actually may not try for it... I may ask for the assist in whoring that one.

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