Friday, October 05, 2007

Enough Halo 3...

how about some analysis of the NASCAR Fantasy League. With 7 races to go, the battle for Fantasy Championship is shaping up to be a nail-biter. C and J Ho are currently tied for the lead w/ a 19-10 record. Waiting in the clutches is Red, who is only 2 games behind at 17-12.

Now for the analysis:

Red's remaining opponents combined record is 97-106, C's is 98-105, and J Ho's is 92-111. This gives the Advantage to J Ho.

Hot and Cold:
J Ho faces a HOT (in win streak, not attractivness) T(W5) twice in the final 7 races and a COLD Chump(L3) once. C faces a COLD Chump twice and a HOT T once. Red faces a HOT T once and a COLD Chump each once. This Gives the Advantage to C.

Individual Matchups:

In the final 7 races, Red faces J Ho once and C twice. J Ho faces Red once and C once. C faces J Ho once and Red twice. The Advantage here goes to J Ho.

In my final analysis, J Ho pulls out the narrow victory. I say this due to the difficutly of the remaining opponents and the fact that J Ho only faces the other two leaders one time a piece.

Prediction of final records:

J HO 23-13
C 22-14
Red 21-15

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B Town Big C said...

Corso: Not so fast my friend! Let us tell you why C is going to win and make it back to back UFL championships.

Herbie: JHo's outta gas. After reeling off 10 straight wins, a UFL record, he's dropped 4 of the last seven. They needed a miracle to pull even, but this team has given all it has to give. In the same stretch, C has gone 5-2. Consistency will win it in the end.

Corso: That 10 game winning streak deserves a big YO! But Sweetheart, C has a 4-2 record going head-to-head with JHo and a 3-3 record against Red. JHo has a 4-2 record against Red. C knocks JHo out of contention, and JHo knocks Red out of contention.

Herbie: Both coaches drafted excellent teams this year. The resurgence of RCR made both coaches look like geniuses. But C coming off that championship year last year has the experience and can make the necessary adjustments to shut down Clint Bowyer. Look for C to pull ahead in the second half and use good clock management to win it all.

(This is where Corso pulls out a giant head of my head and puts it on. The crowd goes nuts, Herbie smacks him in his C head a few times, and the show ends.)

*This conversation may or may not be based on facts and are simply the opinions of Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit. Also, I was bored at work and decided to make up this story. Thank you.

Also, play Halo 3. It rules.