Wednesday, October 24, 2007

UFL Update - Separation Sunday

Not about Halo 3. Killing time and this could be a post that takes 2 hours to create...


Some thoughts and facts on the teams in the UFL with 4 races to go. Will the UFL Championship be determined this week? All we can say for sure is that there won't be a tie atop the standings after Sunday. Oh the drama. I've got goose bumps.

#6 Big Z - Currently 5 races and 657 points back of #5 Big T. Enough said. Sorry Big Z, no media attention when you secure last place.

#5 Big T - Currently 2 races behind #4 Chump, but 233 points ahead of #4 Chump. Big T suffered a big setback last week dropping the head to head against Chump, which ended a 7 race winning streak. He'll need to pull off some big upsets (next four races: Red, VJG JHo, Big C, and Big Z) and get some help to claim that #4 spot.

#4 Chump - Currently 3 races and 771 points behind #3 Red. Chump went a long way towards securing that #4 spot with a win over Big T last week, but he'll still be keeping an eye in the rearview mirror as he goes after Red. He has the same gauntlet of a schedule as Big T, so he may be content to hang on to #4.

#3 Red - Currently 3 races behind #1 VJG JHo and #2 Big C and 875 points behind #1 VJG JHo and 669 points behind #2 Big C. While the numbers don't look great for Red to move up, he has the advantage of one of the easiest remaining schedules (Big T, Chump, Big Z, and Big C). While not mathematically out of the championship hunt (Big C and VJG JHo go head to head next week, giving one of them at least a 3 race lead over Red with 3 to go), Red will be trying to catch the #2 spot. He finishes up the season with Big C at Miami Homestead, which could provide just the chance he needs. Otherwise he may be looking to help spoil Big C's chances at a championship. A win coupled with a Chump loss will lock up the #3 spot for Red.

#2 Big C - Currently tied with #1 VJG JHo and 206 points behind #1 VJG JHo. Big C faces the toughest remaining schedule, facing off against both VJG JHo and Red in the final four races, and don't forget about upset-minded Big T and Chump.

#1 VJG JHo - Currently tied with #2 Big C and 206 points ahead of #2 Big C. VJG JHo has a statistically easier schedule. After this week against Big C, he finishes out the season against the bottom three teams in the league. But, when you are number one, you have a target on your back every week. You can bet these teams will be gunning for VJG JHo.

What could be the most important matchup of the season will take place this week. It's #2 Big C against #1 VJG JHo. The winner will have sole possession of the top spot in the league and can control his own destiny. I am sure both managers will be watching (playing Halo 3) intently (drunkenly) as the laps wind down. You can bet this will be a great matchup between these two genius (drunk) managers. Will it be the high scoring offense (drunkeness) of VJG JHo or the consistency (drunkeness) of Big C that prevails? STAY TUNED SPORTS FANS.


B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

"What could be the most important matchup of the season will take place THIS SEASON."

of course, every season has to have the most important matchup; and it will occur in that season.

B Town Big C said...