Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Halo 3... Brutally Honest


B Town Big C said...

Hilarious and I agree with probably 95% of it. My one contention with the complaint that everything in Halo 3 has already been done, Halo 3 never claimed to be a game to break new ground. It is Halo 2 presented in HD. Wait, Halo 2 1/2 because of the new co-op. One thing that has always bothered me is that everyone says the Halo games have a great plot. The only reason I know what's going on half the time is because I read the plot on some nerd website... and half the shit's made up. Kill bad guys, save the world. That's it.

*POSSIBLE SPOILER* OK, when they talked about the random difficulty, I think me and T can agree that mission 8 (out of 9 total) is stupid hard. Level 9, not so much. In fact, there are at least 87 places in the game harder than the "boss" fight in 9. Let me remind you that this is the boss fight for freaking Halo 3, the end of the Halo series (as we know it). You mean to tell me you busted your ass through all the Flood on 8 (btw, it took you 1000 tries to get through it). After that level you are expecting some reward for your efforts... maybe a crazy plot twist where you find out you are evil and you are actually supposed to fire Halo and you have to battle a Warthog, Scorpion and two Scarabs at the same time to get to the switch. No, the boss battle to end the Halo series as we know it involves shooting a damn golf ball with a laser three times. Bullcrap.

Sorry for the rant. That part pissed me off. There's actually another stage after the boss fight, and it is pretty sweet... but no boss.

I played 4 player co-op last night with T, JHo, and Stew (I know). It was pretty fun but we flew through the first three missions so quickly. No challenge at all really. Tonight we shall play it on Legendary and see if it gets better. However if Stew complains about friendly fire one more time, I'll boot him from the room.

Mike T said...

Ha Ha Ha. This is so good I actually went to the website and checked out some of the other reviews he did. I recommend the reviews for Bioshock, the Console Wars, and Tomb Raider Anniversary. Good Stuff. I'm going to side with Clint on everything he said. I do like the bit about the AI shooting at a butterfly or driving into a rock because it's true. It's damn true.

On to last nights multiplayer shenanigans. Good stuff. Heroic was too easy for four players. Need to play Legendary tonight. Don't boot Stew for bitching. Let me throw another plasma grenade on him. Do we need to start over if we play legendary or can we start where we ended last night? I finally broke down and printed off the locations of the 13 skulls off IGN. As for level 8, C pretty much sums it up. The only thing I can add is "Fuck this place, it's bullshit, I'm outta here!" (Confetti Explosion) HORRAY!!!

B Town Big C said...

I believe we can start where we left off. Not positive on this though. At the very least we wouldn't get credit for finishing the earlier levels on Legendary. The game does keep track of this, even though you may only get one achievement for each level. My guess is that you need to finish everything on Legendary to get the Legendary Game Completion achievement. I don't care either way. I do know there are some skulls we missed along the way last night. We'll figure it out.