Monday, October 08, 2007

UFL Update: T's win streak continues, now at 6; Chump warms up

Redness can thank T and Chump for helping him close to within 1 race of J Ho and C for the UFL Championship. T's win over J Ho, 391-367, takes the win streak to 6 in a row(4 in the chase). Redness took down bottom dwelling Z, 339-204, as all of Z's drivers failed to break the 100 point barrier. Chump also proved that he's not so COLD by burning up the track for a week high 445 points. C put up 330 points, but was let down by Jeff Burton and his DEI/RCR engine flop. J Ho(Martin Truex Jr.) and Z(Dale Earnhardt Jr.) were also hurt from the engine woes. Lets take a look at what the records should look like when they are updated later today:

J Ho 19-11 Leads based on points(11,748) L1
C 19-11 Trails by 208 points(11,540) L2
Red 18-12 1 race behind W2
Chump 14-16 5 races behind W1
T 12-18 7 races behind W6
Z 8-22 11 races behind L2


REDNESS said...

First off, T thank you for picking a weekend that a saturday night race falls on to have your wedding. Anyone for some nds at the reception? where's the closest tv to the reception. C and JHo i'm coming to get ya.

B-Town V.J.G. J Ho said...

I got Slingbox Mobile on my phone, so live race coverage is only a click away.

B Town Big C said...

How/where are we going to watch The Ohio State University/Kent State game? Kickoff at 12:00, coverage on Big(11)Ten Network. T, you get 15 minutes during halftime for the ceremony. Make that shit happen quicklike. Otherwise, you'll see ESPN interviewing me after the wedding about how I managed to check the score every five minutes and still get you the ring on cue.

I think we can hook up Dish Network to the Rear Seat Entertainment system in the TrailBlazer. Now we just have to find someone willing to give us their Dish and receiver box.