Monday, December 17, 2007

I Need Answers...

As part of the re-design, I need a few answers, specifically from those who view this blog the most (Z, T, Juddy, Clint, and Marie).

1. What browser do you use (including version)?
2. What is your screen resolution?

For example... I use Firefox @ 1280x1024.

Tnank you.


B Town Big C said...

IE 7.whatever @ 1600x1200

steadman said...

we use firefox 2.0


themom said...

IE7 and will check the resolution, Slyght knows I think.

B Town Chump said...

Damn you, IE users! Without going into much detail, from a web designer standpoint, IE is basically the WORST browser EVER!!! It doesn't conform to many web standards like all the other "modern" browsers, so when designing, you have to "dumb-down" your site to be compatible with IE. Why? Because IE is still the most used browser. Why? Because it's the best? NO! Because its bundled with Windows and most people don't know any better.

But I digress... I do need you IE users (Clint and Marie) to do me a favor. Go over to the Bristol Experience and see if the post background is transparent. Can you see the background through the posts? (albeit shaded out, but still translucent, if you will.) I don't have IE7 and I was just wondering if they fixed the bug that wouldn't allow transparent backgrounds.


slyght said...

TIA? am i missing something. i don't even think TheMom uses IE, she uses AOL. not sure if they contract out to IE or not.

i use Firefox/, at 1024x768. you can get all this from statcounter, dude. later

B Town T said...

I'm pretty much the same as C. Damn me and my IE usage. Thought about switching to Firefox, but I think I'm too lazy and too comfortable with IE. IE6 doesn't show the transparency(have to use it at work), but IE7 does show it. I'm going to take a wild guess and say that TIA stands for Thanks In Advance?

B Town Chump said...

Thanks T. I was hoping that IE7 supported the transparency like it was supposed to, but you never know with those idiots at microsoft. The new version of BTB will rely on the transparent background, but I've also "dumbed-down" a version for any IE version below 7. Basically, if you have IE6 or below, the site will look almost exactly the same, but with IE7 or Firefox, the background will show through.

Z, I do know I can get those stats from statcounter, but I wanted a more specific idea of what everyone who visits the site uses. Statcounter is great and all, but it doesn't really tell me exactly what Clint (for example) is using. Plus, I don't want to design for random hits from random places. Also, AOL does use IE as its browser.

BTW, FYI, TIA does stand for "thanks in advance." And to thwart any further confusion,FYI stands for "for your information" and BTW stands for "by the way." ;-)

themom said...

My info says that Aol uses IE - and yes the transparency is there on Bristol Experience. (u can see thru side post.) Just trying to help a little.